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I can feel all our nights sometime,
I was so innocence, so alive,
Never through my love could kill me slowly,
What is happened if I never saw you babe

I have not regret about us, about you,
Only about me, where I am when you,
Push me again and again without tell me,
How much I deserve better than all of this.

Maybe you played, maybe you were true,
You failed, I am not only the fool,
I don’t care right now, then loved you the most,
I won’t love you anymore.

Before I felt your skin, your lips on mine,
It was like yesterday on my mind,
Until today you definitely behind,
Me. Yes. Do you think can’t I ?

I’ll never forget our story.
I can’t because, You were my biggest love trouble,
Not happy. Your scars still on me,
Forever, I never forget you babe,
You were my first until being the worst.

Maybe you played, maybe you were true,
At the end, you let me down,
At the beginning I should have let you go.
You are my worst memory
Until being the best sad story.

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