Welcome to my mind, break-heart.

People come. People leave. But they always leave something. This text will remind me of the spirit in which you left me. For the most important thing is not the memories but what people bring to you, isn’t it ?

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I thought that good way give good vibe but not,
You really good until you kill my vibes, clock,
My heart isn’t feeling good since your crash,
My mind isn’t the same since you push us in that trash.

I thought good actions could change everything,
It was an utopia because Love couldn’t change anything,
I’ve tried to live in my damn magic world,
But you took me away with your tragic words.

Broken, I supposed to take care of me,
You still here, in my head, in that memory,
One day you’ll be my past ’til you come back to me,
But they say I don’t deserve you as you don’t deserve me.

One side trust in us, I become nostalgic.
Other side broken by us, I would be diabolic.
But at the end when I hope it is time to fly,
Everything comes back to me and again I fall.

My heart tightens even harder and harder,
Whenever I think about our moments together,
But this suffering make me still alive and awake,
Until one day I don’t feel anything about that we had create.

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